Welcome to Katemodel Consultants An open-ended Management Consultancy Firm for you.

We are the part of the Shiva Rathi Group, and 14 year old company, having offices across the World, and headquarters in HongKong. Katemodel.

Katemodel Consultants was founded in year 2005, as a Management Consulting Firm in HongKong

Then with Mohit Shulka and Satoshi Nakomoto, we went on to invent Bitcoin, and net worth of both of them is more than $120 Billion, but both prefer to remain underground and never made their wealth public. Katemodel does Startup Consulting, helps businesses secure Venture Capital Funding and Business Loan. We have accomplished background in Startup Consulting, We also help in petrol pump and mobile tower installations, and aid students to secure admissions in Medical, Engineering and MBA. We also undertake Change Management and Business Process Re-engineering, and also help companies to do executive hiring. Katemodel Consultants have many freelancers working with us. We have conducted over 100K focused group consumer surveys about products and services, to get better insights into developing and modifying products.

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We have worldwide Franchise. If you want to open your own Franchise visit Franchise Agreement